Back in April of 2014, Jeffrey Tucker & Steve Horwitz decided to hold a money bomb for Judd Weiss. Wednesday, April 23rd [2014] was declared “International Judd Weiss Appreciation Day.”

Jeffrey and Steve's Plan

This event was a success!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.07.41 AM

This page remains up as a constant reference place for Moneybombs and raises – the liberty movement loves to give back to Judd. The summer of 2014 Judd buried himself in even more events: Atlas Summit, Freedom Fest, Ephemerisle, Young Americans for Liberty, and the list continues. You can see all of his albums on his Facebook Albums page.

As he continues to do events, many of us continue to donate periodically. We send people here when we want to give them a quick space to easily access all his payment methods.

In 2015 we moved the date to April 24th. There it stays.

We have Paypal and Bitcoin!

His Bitcoin address is:
(Remember to include a message if you want him to know who it’s from! They’re untraceable!)

The verified Paypal address for the 2015 raise is:

You can donate here: Paypal

Feel free to comment below to share your favorite Judd Weiss photos, and also feel free to share this address on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or whatever other Social Media you frequent:


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