About Judd Weiss

If you’re on this site, I really hope you already know how awesome Judd Weiss is. But in case you don’t:


Judd Weiss, who has many talents and many passions, happens to be a writer, a businessman, an entrepreneur, a hustler, and an incredible friend to many. He’s also The Photographer for the Liberty Movement.

As of 2016, he’s also a candidate for Vice President, running beside John McAfee for President, vying for the Libertarian nomination.

On his Facebook Photo Albums Page you can find over 70 albums dedicated to Liberty events (some of which he’s hosted himself!) and over 28,000 photographs of the beautiful and interesting people at these events.


This 28,000 doesn’t even include a number of events he’s photographed recently or in the past that he hasn’t had a chance to sort through, edit and post. This 28,000 doesn’t include the photographs he painstakingly has to sort through and decide *aren’t* the top caliber for publication in his albums, but each one he takes and views with care before making his decision.

It’s a labor of love – though he does occasionally charge for some of the conferences and events, he doesn’t charge NEARLY his market value. The time it takes to take, sort, edit, and release these photos is enormous, and he’s constantly putting out value worth 10x what he charges, when he charges. It is his contribution to the movement.

He spoke of his reasons on his share of the 2014 SFL album:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 7.57.09 PM

If you’re involved with the Liberty movement at all, you may have a photograph of yourself that was taken by him. Or you definitely know somebody who has. He’s responsible for THOUSANDS of Facebook Profile Pictures, as well as in cover photos, Wikipedia articles, and book jackets. His photographs have been featured in publications, on websites and in brochures.

He makes the movement beautiful, and we want to show how much we love him.

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