Damn right we’re doing it again this year. April 24th!

Now, Judd is running for the VP spot on the McAfee bid for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential nomination, but these donations go to Judd, not to the McAfee campaign. What he does with the money is up to him, but he’s been doing some cool things for that campaign recently. Check out this video he made:

Donations can be made to juddweissisawesome@gmail.com on Paypal. Use “Friends & Family” to avoid a fee! Click here for a direct link.

His Bitcoin address is: 16KrWHAbB4APqYaBbG6gZqbN5Bb481d1uK
(Remember to include a message if you want him to know who it’s from! They’re untraceable! We’d also love it if you’d drop us a line to let us know so we can tally the total!)