Liberty Viral Talks Him Up

Everybody loves Judd Weiss. LOOK AT HIS HAIRY CHEST AND PROSTRATE! BOW! RESPECT! GENUFLECT! He’s like that hairy Italian guy that somehow manages to get all the chicks and you have been shaving your chest for years and now feel pretty stupid for doing it. You could have been hairy like Judd and gotten all the ladies. And let me tell you, this guy gets the ladies.

He’s basically the hottest thing in the liberty movement right now. Judd. So hot. So hot right now. Judd. But screw that stuff because he’s also a very popular photographer! His photos are everywhere! You looking hot in black and white? Judd did that. You got a new girl/boyfriend because of your hot picture? Judd did that! You now a libertarian because you went to one of his epic debauched parties in L.A. where he brings speakers to liberate your mind? JUDD DID THAT!

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Avens O'Brien is a second-generation libertarian residing in Los Angeles, where she spends a lot of time discussing the Federal Reserve and emerging markets while working at Euro Pacific Capital. Though her career is in the fufillment of economic liberty, she prefers to write about the intersection with social liberty causes and their mutual importance. Her anti-war protesting had her campaigning and volunteering for Michael Badnarik (LP) in 2004 and Ron Paul (R) in 2008, and she was Vice Chair of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party from 2006-2008. She's a Twitter and Facebook agitator, a contributor for DL Magazine, and Thoughts on Liberty, and also articulates life experiences and their lessons on her personal blog: Taste it Twice. She also has a peculiar obsession with birds and dinosaurs AND outer space. You can meet her at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas every year, or at Burning Man if you're that wild.

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